Name: Brandi Bockhorn

Years teaching: This is my 10th year
Grade level and subject: Kindergarten 
Hometown: San Angelo

Where have you taught? TLCA  

 Why did you choose to become an educator? Growing up I always knew I wanted to help children. At first, I thought that was through being a nurse. I had a change of heart in college, and switched my major to early childhood education and never looked back.  

 Describe your favorite teacher? I had a few favorite teachers. I remember them all being kind and caring. I always felt like these teachers truly cared about me.  

 What is the best part of teaching? Developing relationships. I love to run into past students and catch up with them. Teaching children to read is pretty great, too!  

 What does success look like in your classroom? Happy and engaged students. 

What is unique about Miles ISD? I feel that Miles is unique in the way of caring for the students, academically and nonacademically. I've seen how teachers form relationships with students and families. I also know that our school will do everything it takes to ensure the students receive the best education possible.   

 Advice to parents: Be there for your child, in all aspects of life. From a teacher's point of view, be involved in their education. 

Most memorable teaching moment? My first year of teaching, I knew students would mistake my last name for popcorn. I had this big speech planned to hopefully squash that confusion. I was introducing myself to my class on the first day of school and accidentally said "My name is Mrs. Popcorn, I mean BOCKHORN! NOT popcorn!" I still get all kinds of variations of my last name and I embrace them all. 

Favorite Quote: In a world where you can be anything, be kind.  

Hobbies: being with my family, going to the movies  

Favorite holiday: Christmas 

 Favorite children’s book: I love all of Kevin Henkes' books - Sheila Ray the Brave, Chrysanthemum, Wemberly Worried, etc.  

 Ideal vacation: Negril, Jamaica or Siesta Key, Florida