Name: Tiffany Ivey 

 Years teaching: This is my 14th year Grade level and subject: 2nd Grade and all subjects

Hometown: Abilene, Texas

Where have you taught: Holiman Elementary in San Angelo and Miles Elementary

Describe your favorite teacher. Mrs. Benjamin at Bowie Elementary in Abilene, Texas. She was just always so kind and helped me adjust back into public school after being in private school for 3 years. She is always the first teacher that pops into my head when asked a question like this so she must have been pretty special.

Why did you choose Education as your profession? 

I always enjoyed babysitting in high school and being around kids. Once it came time to choose a college major I knew education was the path for me and what I felt in my heart that I was meant to do.

What does success look like in your classroom?

In my classroom success looks like children growing in their education and making progress rather small or big. Also seeing the excitement in their faces when they have learned something new or have mastered a concept that might have been tough at first. Just kids walking into my classroom each day with a smile on their face is a success as well.

Favorite teaching moment?

Goodness it is hard to think of just one! However, I love the most when students who are having a hard time with something just try an try until they get it(perseverance). I have a phrase or quote written on my board that says I can make things happen! Well I had a student who was having a bit of a hard time with something in math and finally was able to get the problem worked out. I told them “ Good job!” or something along those lines and they looked up at me, smiled and said “I can make things happen!” and I said, “You sure can!” That put a smile on my face!

What is unique about Miles ISD?

Teachers work together for the better of the students, for each other, and for the community. We are a small school but we have big heart.

Advice to parents:

To always remember that parents and teachers are a team that are here to work together for the success of their child and/or children. 

 Favorite Quote: Be Somebody Who Makes Everybody Feel Like A Somebody 

 Favorite movie: I love movies so much it’s hard to pick just one! I do have to say every Christmas though I must watch Christmas Vacation or Christmas with the Kranks, so funny! 

 Hobbies: Spending time with my family, cooking(when I have time) and shopping! 

 Favorite way to relax: Watching TV at home in comfy clothes on the couch 

 Ideal vacation: I’d love to go to Italy and enjoy the beauty of it!