Name: EvaLee McCulloch 

 Years teaching: 20th year 

 Grade level and subject: Elementary Special Education

Hometown: Millersview, Texas

Where have you taught: 

Schleicher County ISD, Central Freshman Campus (San Angelo ISD), Grape Creek Elementary, & MILES ISD (It’s great to be a Bulldog!)

Describe your favorite teacher.

My favorite teacher was Mike Braydon at John Glen Junior High School. I always struggled with Math and he was the teacher that was willing to get down on his knees next to my desk, teach and reteach until I understood with confidence. He made me feel smart!

Why did you choose Education as your profession?  

 I wanted to work with children and teaching seemed like the best option. I later realized that I LOVE teaching! One of my favorite things was also being at school with my own children daily. What does success look like in your classroom?  When student growth occurs the students know it!! We celebrate! Sometimes kids don’t realize how far they have come since the beginning of the year so allowing them to graph their own data where they can see their growth is exciting.

Favorite teaching moment?

I have had to many to count!! Hearing DB read aloud to me did however make me cry.

What is unique about Miles ISD?

Miles is unique because everyone I work with feels like family. I recently lost my father and was overwhelmed at the support and kindness extended to me during that time. We laugh together, work together, collaborate together and pray together. How amazing is that? Advice to parents?

Always be fair to your children. Fair = everyone gets what THEY need

Advice to a first-year teacher:

Get ready to change !!! You have to constantly bend with the wind to meet all of your student’s needs.

Who are your heroes?

My parents who repeatedly told me I could do anything and my daughters who push me to do it all while laughing!

Favorite way to relax: Swim in my pool 

 Ideal vacation:

Any trip with my 5 daughters, 3 son-in-laws, and 6 grand children